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Volunteer Spotlight: Randy Schroeder

In his 14 years of volunteering with The Literacy Project, Randy Schroeder has helped 19 middle-school students with their reading, homework, and English as a Second Language skills.

Randy lives in Gypsum, and his day job is with San Isabel Telecom. In giving back to the community in such a profound and lasting way, Randy is following in his own father’s footsteps.

“My father, Earl D. Schroeder, was an amazing man, a WWII veteran and a member to the aptly named ‘Greatest Generation,'” said Randy. “While he was stationed in Korea in the 1960s, he ran across and ‘adopted’ 120 kids in an orphanage. Completely on his own initiative, he advocated back stateside for the little ones, raised funds to bring piped-in water, improve the school and dormitory buildings, and purchase livestock (pigs, chickens, cows) to help them become self-sufficient. This was typical for him. He sponsored and coordinated the immigration of over 60 Cambodians fleeing persecution in their native country.”

Randy’s father went on to serve as a Boy Scout troop leader for 20 years.
In his 14 years with The Literacy Project, Randy has also made considerable impact on his Eagle County community. Continue reading


Make a Difference in 2017!

Make a New Year’s resolution to make a difference in 2017! The Literacy Project of Eagle County needs adult volunteer tutors to work with adults through our one-to-one tutoring program, and teens through our Study Friends program. Our students are seeking help with their reading, writing, math, or English language skills. Continue reading


Volunteer Spotlight: Kyle Diebel

Kyle Diebel is the Vice President of FirstBank Eagle County. He is also a dedicated volunteer with The Literacy Project of Eagle County’s “Study Friends” program. The Study Friends Program is designed to help middle school students improve their reading, writing, math, and homework skills by pairing them with a trained adult volunteer tutor. “As a volunteer with Study Friends I meet with my student weekly and work with them in any area they are finding difficult or challenging at school. We tend to focus on becoming more proficient at reading and also work to complete homework assignments. It’s not just work though–we do our best to get to know each other and have some fun while working.”

A Colorado native from Aurora, Diebel grew up exploring the mountains and all they had to offer. “I was presented with an opportunity to relocate to the Vail Valley for work from the Denver area and who could pass that up?” asked Diebel. “I consider myself lucky to live in this community where I can enjoy so many things I am passionate about–snowboarding, hiking, camping, and all that the mountain lifestyle has to offer right in my own backyard.”

The heart of The Literacy Project’s life-long learning programs are the volunteer tutors that dedicate their time and energy to teach students in one-to-one tutoring, or group classes. Diebel has just finished his first year volunteering with the program.

“I chose to volunteer with The Literacy Project to give back to a community that I feel offers so much to me. I was lucky enough to have outside influences in my childhood that had a great impact on my education. I realize how important it is to have support; not only from teachers and parents, but others in the community you live in while growing up.”

Over the course of the year, Diebel was most surprised at the wonderful sense of gratification he received personally as his Study Friend’s homework grades and test scores improved.

When asked what literacy means to him, Diebel sees the big picture: “Someone once described literacy to me as freedom, and I have interpreted it as such ever since. Literacy opens doors.”


Volunteer Spotlight: Jody Talbot

Jody Talbot brings passion to everything that she does—whether it be her 35 years in the travel industry, finding a fantastic cup of coffee, her early-morning Pilates practice, or her profound love of literacy.

“Literacy leads us to the pathway that opens doors,” said Talbot. “Be it learning, job possibilities, self-confidence, and the joy of reading. When you love to read you are never alone and never bored.”

The heart of The Literacy Project’s life-long learning programs are the volunteer tutors that dedicate their time and energy to teach students in one-to-one tutoring, or group classes. Jody Talbot has been a volunteer tutor with The Literacy Project for three years. She tutors middle school students in English at Berry Creek Middle School.

“I volunteer with The Literacy Project because I believe that a good education is of the utmost importance, and a gift that should be provided by our world. Hopefully I help my students in this pursuit.”

Talbot considers her responsibility to her students as one of the greatest rewards of her volunteer experience. On the other hand, she says, “I was pleasantly surprised to find my students allowed me to come into their lives so readily. I also was delighted with the help and involvement of the staff at Berry Creek Middle School.”

Talbot became a part of the Eagle Valley community in 1973. “I am from Michigan, the Mitten State. I came from a close family and decided to spread my wings. So I moved to Vail with a college roommate.” She has a long history of volunteerism in the area, and has given back to the community in many ways. In addition to serving as a tutor for The Literacy Project, Jody currently serves on the Board of the Swift Eagle Charitable Fund and is the President of the Friends of the Eagle Valley Library District.

“When I ponder my future, I hope to find myself still a part of The Literacy Project,” said Talbot. “This giving to others is my gift to me.”